Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Neon Bible

Since I do not like this ridiculous pastel trend that has taken over all the shops since about Christmas time, (they honestly make me feel a bit sick, just the thought of wearing a lilac or blush coloured top makes me feel a little queazy and that is before I have even put it on to discover it has made me look really washed out and ill as if I am about to drop dead any minute). I have opted to go for the much brighter, verging on neon, colours this year. To be fair, I hated this level of brightness in clothing until about a year ago so who knows if pastels will eventually grow on me (please no).
I have recently bought a bright yellow-y top from Zara, just waiting for the right weather/occasion to wear it. But here are a few images I have had stored on my desktop the last few weeks that swayed me to make this decision.

how fit is this orange peplum skirt.

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  1. That peplum skirt is divine. x