Friday, 1 April 2011

Deep Garnet Nike Blazeeeeeeeeer

Why can I not find this colour Blazers anywhere.

ph. Nike

I have been looking at Nike Blazers in various different colours for absolutely months now but just can't settle on the colour that I want and now I think i've missed the boat on these beautiful trainers because now they seem to have all sold out of my size in every colour I would even consider getting.
Im not usually a trainer type of gal (i'm not counting converse as trainers here), but these are the exception. I've been through phases of wanting dunks but they passed fairly quickly because I found them a little too chunky but my blazer obsession is still going strong.
When it comes to shoes though I usually go for pretty 'safe' colours, as I just find they are so much easier to wear everyday and also get a lot more wear out of them but this colour in the images above is absolutely perfect. and the suede makes them that much more beautiful, giving the them an interesting texture and different tones.
I want I want I want.

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