Monday, 27 February 2012

I am not going to fill up this blog with all the images from every catwalk through fashion month as I am sure you have all seen them in some way yourself, and looking at all them clothes it is just making me want it to be winter all over again. I am definitely a sucker for beautiful coats, fur, scarfs, tights and boots and not so much of a fan of summer dressing as it is just too hard to get right, especially living in England when the weather is just so unpredictable/ never quite warm enough to not wear a jumper of jacket but then slightly too hot to actually wear them. make sense? 
Instead, I prefer to look at what 'real' people(celebrities and the other people who actually attend fashion week can't really be called real), but they usually give the best inspiration of what to wear right now and for the rest of the season. 

I am actually getting sad at the thought of not being able to wear a coat all day every day. Most days I put it on at 9 in the morning and don't even take it off until I slip in to my pyjamas, I even wear it in the house, not because I live in a drafty student house, just because I consider it as a comfort blanket. I just love coats ok.

Sorry about the extremely poor quality of the last two, I don't know what's up with that and just cannot seem to change it. nightmare. 
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