Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Rag&Bone S/S12

I'm surprised I like this Rag&Bone collection as much as I do. I've literally been staring at the collection all afternoon trying to get my head around why I wouldn't/shouldn't/do/don't usually like this kind of thing. I mean, I love a bit of knitwear, sheer fabrics, jackets, and that little pop of extremely bright colour (albeit maybe this is a little too neon/nu rave-esque for me though). However, I think I have come to the conclusion it is the proportions of some of the garments that make me a little wary of the collection. Obviously my personal preference only, but I feel that some of the items are a little too long and others a little too short to make them just perfect. Like I keep saying in my head 'oh i'll have them trousers if they were just that bit longer' or 'yeah, i'd wear that top if it was that little bit shorter'. But to sum it up, I do like it.

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